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Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands

Coral I and Coral II

4, 5 & 8 day itineraries from $1,662

Coral I and II

The Coral I, with a capacity of 36 passengers, and the Coral II, with a capacity of 20, are custom-designed to offer comfort in an intimate environment. Both yachts feature air-conditioning, all outside cabins, relaxing lounge areas and dining rooms, plus expansive observation decks.
Coral I 

Coral I

Coral I Coral I

Coral I & II -- 2017 Rates
Cabins 4 Day/3 Night
5 Day/4 Night
7 Night
Mon - Mon
Standard 1,662 2,215 3,606
Standard Plus 2,058 2,743 4,465
Junior Suites 2,346 3,128 5,090